Workplace Sessions

Help your workforce become more productive

Workplace Sessions

Help your workforce become more productive

Bringing massage into the workplace has huge benefits for staff, and, by extension, for businesses. With 50 percent of sick leave being caused by stress-related illnesses, workplace massage can potentially improve productivity as well as morale. 

Studies have found that massage reduces stress by 85% - and it’s ideal for relieving common  workplace ailments such as muscle tension, pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI) and headaches. Massage has been shown to lower blood pressure, boost immune function, decrease anxiety and depression, improve alertness and energy and raise your mood - all of which can create a happier workforce and a more harmonious work environment. 

Workplace massage is not intrusive. I bring my own specially designed massage chair, so you can receive the treatment while seated, and there is no need to get undressed. The massage takes just 20 minutes, but in that short time you’ll feel the tension drain away.

The massage is adapted to each individual, taking into account any particular aches, pains and areas of tension you may have. Clients finish the treatment feeling deeply relaxed and better able to tackle the rest of their working day.


Benefits To Your Business

Improve Productivity & Morale

Reduce Employees Stress by 80%

Less Employee Sickness Due To Stress

Happy Workforce

Sick leave due to work stress


Massage reduces stress by...


Increases productivity by...


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