About Hollistic Massage

An Invitation To Wholeness

What is Holistic Massage?

Relax, Unwind & Self Heal

Holistic massage treats your whole being, promoting health, healing and relaxation on multiple levels. While relieving tight and painful muscles is part of the treatment, it also addresses your energy and emotions and the way in which these interact with your body. Releasing patterns of stress and emotional tension can often create better results on a physical level.

Humans have been connecting with the healing powers of touch for thousands of years, recognising its ability to soothe both the body and the mind. My form of holistic massage combines elements of classical Swedish techniques such as effleurage (repeated circular movements made with the palm of the hand) and petrissage (kneading the body), as well as deep tissue pressure, cupping and hacking (a light, fast movement performed with the sides of the hands).

I also incorporate gentle holds and energy work, tuning into the different levels of your energetic field and rebalancing your energy using Reiki, a method of channelling healing energy through the hands. This optional element of the treatment can help get to the energetic root of the problem, releasing tension and blockages on a deep level.

The treatment usually includes an element of whole-body work, followed by a focus on any area that is particularly in need of attention, but every treatment is customised to the client and the issues they want to address. The aim is to improve your whole sense of wellbeing: rather than looking at a problem like an injured shoulder in isolation, holistic massage explores how that relates to your whole being.

Holistic massage is deeply relaxing, and promotes an all-round sense of wellness, both mental and physical. I have worked with suffering from insomnia, stress or deeply held emotions such as trauma and grief, and with physical issues such as sports injuries, digestive problems, stubborn aches and pains and muscles that are in spasm.

I provide holistic massage in the workplace, at your home and in my clinic. The treatment is commonly carried out on a massage couch but can be carried out on a chair and through clothing, depending on the environment and what you feel comfiest with. I am DBS checked and have worked with children, vulnerable adults and elderly people.

Why Choose Holistic Massage?

Support your body into a healthier and happier state

Encourage body-mind connection

Restore embodiment and empowerment

Relieve tensions and energetic blockages.


I have experience of positively supporting clients with:


What My Clients Say


Clara creates a beautifully relaxing and safe environment to receive a healing massage. She listens to my needs and responds to what my body requires, her knowledge and experience leaves me feeling relaxed and revived. I really recommend a visit to Clara for a treatment.


I found Clara to be both professional and very friendly. After just a few minutes I felt totally safe and relaxed knowing I was in competent hands. She didn't rush , and was both very present and focused but also sensitive. I was really impressed with her technique I have had many massages before from others and they were either to soft and didn't do the job, or too hard and it was too painful! I would say Clara is actually one of the best massage therapists I've been to and would totally recommend her.

Dave Roland

I've been having regular massage sessions to help with a shoulder impingement. Each time I feel the benefit for days and helps get the most out of my physio exercises.

Gavin 2020

Clara offered relief in my hour of need. I was experiencing acute back pain. Clara was happy to talk through my situation and provided a caring and effective massage treatment. Highly recommended


Great reiki..clean relaxing and a great lady ...highly recommend