About Clara Collings

MTI Registered Practitioner

Who am I?

My passion for massage goes back to my first career as a sculptor specialising in the human form.  I loved the work, but I missed connecting with people, so I decided to realise a long-held dream of learning massage.


In 2002 I graduated with an MTI diploma in holistic massage and bodywork, anatomy physiology and pathology from the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork. I’m fully insured and a member of the MTI – the Massage Training Institute, which only accepts practitioners who have undergone rigorous training and who maintain their skills through continued practice development and supervision groups. I’m also bound by the MTI’s code of ethics.


I see a strong link between my background as a sculptor and my career in holistic massage. Both stem from a deep connection with the human body and a pleasure in working with my hands. I learnt a huge amount about massage not only by studying it but also by receiving it: I was amazed how it helped to connect me with my body and release a lot of trauma that was held there. Holistic massage has helped me feel balanced and safe in my own body and given me a sense of calm I can always return to. Working with touch and receiving touch have proven transformative for me, and I want to share that pleasure with others.


I discovered Reiki through my work selling electromagnetic frequency harmonising tools. Reiki taught me to connect with energy more deeply and gave me an understanding of spiritual anatomy to go with my knowledge of physical anatomy. As soon as I started to learn about Reiki, I felt it would add a valuable new dimension to my massage work, so in 2019 I gained a Reiki qualification from the Devon School of Reiki. 


I love working and connecting with clients by working with touch and energy. The conversation two people can have non-verbally during a treatment is deeply nourishing. 


Beyond my passion for Reiki and massage, I have a personal interest in building my knowledge of practices such as meditation and mindfulness, dramatic movement and dance, PSOAS release, shiatzu, chi gung, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, spiritual anatomy,  breathwork, Amazonian medicines, tantra and non-violent communication (NVC). I am on a continual learning journey which I hope will deepen and enhance my practice.


Clara Collings

MTI Registered Practitioner

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